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We are Property Alchemy, a small team of experienced property investment specialists who share our clients’ love of property. We offer a complete property solution by being the single point of contact for all your buying, selling and real estate investment management needs.

In the Middle Ages, alchemy was an early form of chemistry which sought to transform worthless base metals like lead into gold. Today we use our own expert alchemy formula to turn investment properties into wealth for our clients.

Alchemy (noun) is the power to change or create things in a way which seems mysterious and magical.

With over 20 years in the property space, we were driven to establish Property Alchemy to solve our own experiences with substandard real estate services.

We saw a real opportunity to serve property investors looking for premium customer service, expertise in property purchasing, sales and quality property management in the one company.

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We founded Property Alchemy with one simple goal: we want to help our clients build wealth through property and enjoy their experience with us.

/Our point of difference

Property investment should be a stress-free way to build wealth, freeing you up to enjoy the important things in your life. We work with you to help you achieve your ideal lifestyle through investing in property.

We know property. We live and breathe it and we know exactly how to find the right property for our clients. A great investment property is one in the right area, that tenants are excited to live in and that will produce a solid return on investment.

Property Alchemy offers a complete property investment service, across buying, selling and management. We offer transparent and honest communication and the same point of contact throughout your property journey. The person you speak with at your initial consultation will be the same person you deal with years from that day.

Each client receives a comprehensive and tailored end-to-end service to help them enjoy a seamless and stress-free property investment management experience. Property Alchemy has a perfect 5-star rating, and we are proud to say we have never lost a client.

/Our technology

Keeping our clients informed on their investments is a top priority for us at Property Alchemy, so we use the latest property technology to deliver relevant and timely information to our clients. Through the live Property Alchemy portal our clients enjoy full transparency across every aspect of their property dealings via real time reporting across, management, sales and property buying. We use proprietary software and data analysis to provide real time data on your property.

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If you are looking to buy your first property or dream home, sell a property or obtain better, more professional property management, you’ve found your team. We believe in building meaningful long term relationships that provide you with exceptional customer service and results that help you move on with your life and build wealth.

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