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We’re all aware of Australia’s love affair with property. We also know it’s based on remarkable growth outcomes. As an investment vehicle, property continues to outshine all other asset classes with median residential property prices having doubled every 7 – 10 years for the past 4 decades.

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We also share a love of property investment. Our two directors Penelope Valentine and Belinda Urquhart have been advising clients and personally building wealth through property investment for more than 16 years.

Having both held senior roles across property management, sales, technology, training and investment organisations – as well as being instrumental in the success of multiple real estate start-ups – they bring immeasurable knowledge and experience to this specialised, vibrant business.

Enjoying complementary skill sets, Penelope and Belinda are committed to continually deliver elevated property management and investment services. Bringing the highest level of engaging professionalism and balance to the industry and ensuring clients benefit across all elements of the property investment experience.

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Despite a common misconception, owning an investment property can not only be exciting but also stress-free. For this to happen, you need to engage a property company that not only shares your passion but understands every nuance of the industry.

They must also be able to offer you proactive and comprehensive service, transparent and honest communication and a single, senior point of contact.

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We will professionally manage all your investment financials, tenancy selection and management, property upkeep and market appraisals (both rent and sales), so you know the state and value of your property from a condition, cash flow and investment point-of-view.

For us, we want you to feel that our service is remarkable and that we’ve helped you create wealth without the stress, worry and frustration that can occur in the property management industry.

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We will give you an obligation-free overview of how we can help support your property investment goals and journey while ensuring you continue to sleep soundly at night!


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If you are looking to buy your first property or dream home, sell a property or obtain better, more professional property management, you’ve found your team. We believe in building meaningful long term relationships that provide you with exceptional customer service and results that help you move on with your life and build wealth.

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