/Buying a Property

We understand the emotion, passion, excitement and (often) anxiety that property investment brings to our clients’ lives. Because of this, our service offering is comprehensive, considered and end-to-end.

/Buying a property (Buyer's Agent)

Whether you’re a seasoned investor, a future owner/occupier or just want to get on the property ladder, buying real estate is an excellent means to establishing long term financial security. Every buyer has a budget, different motivations and criteria that impose limits on their field of scope yet very few know how to navigate the market effectively and make these restrictions work for them. To save you time and energy, let the experts at Property Alchemy take the guess work out of buying. Our team specialise in creating wealth for investors, but the same processes can set homeowners up for long term financial gain and allow entry level buyers to take their first step on the property ladder for as little as $500k.


Full of false promises and dead ends, the real estate market is an unpredictable entity for those who don’t dedicate their time to interpreting its many fluctuations.  

Thankfully, this is what we specialise in. We have a long and successful history of matching our clients with their ideal investment property.

Our success lies in analysing your financial situation and really understanding your motives for investing. If you want to make money over time, offset your tax or become positively geared, we tailor our approach to suit your needs and use proprietary software to forecast, compare and analyse your options.

Here’s how- 

  • We take a deep dive on your financial situation to understand exactly what you have to play with
  • We let your motivations guide our search (to off-set tax, become positively geared etc)
  • We meet with your financial team to collaborate and move forward together
  • We conduct an Australia wide search to find the ideal property that meets your criteria and achieves your financial goals 
  • We use proprietary software to forecast 4-, 8- and 10-year trajectories and perform in-depth comparison analyses between up to 4 suburbs of interest
  • We compile a suburb report that examines capital growth, demographics and development/infrastructure works to predict asset appreciation
  • We deliver a data driven breakdown of your investment options in an easy-to-digest format so you know exactly where your money is going
  • We offer to manage your property for a full end-to-end service


Buying a family home often comes down to an emotional decision and, despite our checklist of criteria or budget, we often find ourselves compelled to buy because it ‘feels right’. 

Unfortunately, letting the numbers take a back seat in your decision making is no way to securing financial freedom for you or your family. Likewise, lack of time or experience can lead to missed opportunities and hasty decisions.

But what if you could buy your dream family home and achieve financial freedom?

Implementing the same processes that we use for our investors, Property Alchemy can help homebuyers find the picture perfect home in the right neighbourhood that guarantees capital growth and ‘feels right’.

The benefit of using us is that we can analyse your finances using proprietary software, offer 4-, 8- and 10-year trajectories and match your criteria for an ideal home with one that will make you money in the long run. 

/Entry level buyers

Many people dream of owning property but have been discouraged by recent interest rate hikes and prices that have sky-rocketed over the last 18 months. 

Borrowing power has plummeted as mortgage rates have risen, leaving first time buyers struggling to save for hefty deposits. 

Thankfully, the team at Property Alchemy can source properties for as little as $500k so you can take your first, long awaited step on the property ladder.

Our strategy is to think laterally. We encourage you to think outside the box and look beyond your backyard at properties we source Australia wide. 

We can also work with a team of mortgage brokers and financial planners to help get deals across the line and achieve your property goals.


Don’t waste any more time and let the experts at Property Alchemy make the decisions for you.

We provide the following services as a buyer's agent:

/Property Search Brief

/Shared Document Setup


Private and scheduled open for inspections

/Initial Financials

/Deep Dive Property Analytics

/10 Year Forecasting

/Price Negotiation

/Property bought &
Pre-settlement inspection

/Secure Property Management

/Your team

If you are looking to buy your first property or dream home, sell a property or obtain better, more professional property management, you’ve found your team. We believe in building meaningful long term relationships that provide you with exceptional customer service and results that help you move on with your life and build wealth.

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