/Reasons to Switch

With over 30 years of combined property management experience, we know a thing or two about what investors are looking for… Actually, we know ten!

1. Rent paid the same day

Your rent is paid directly to you the same day the tenants pay

2. Thorough inspections

Our inspections are done after the first three months then every 6 months after that. They are comprehensive, thorough and easy to understand with accompanying photos and comments.

3. No extra fees

They’re just annoying. We charge, one, low, all inclusive management fee. Simple.

4. Direct access to the owner of the property management company

Each investor has an Asset Manager, who is one of the Directors with over 16 years experience. They own the company so they are not going anywhere and they care about the experience you have.

5. Tenant care

We take care of our tenants. This matters because they, then, take care of your property. We also have a thorough tenant checking process to ensure we get the best tenants

6. Faster turnaround for new leases 

We lease properties faster because we do inspections on demand and have longer opens and strategic marketing to your tenant demographic.

7. Responsive to repairs & emergencies

We act quickly and effectively on repairs. We don’t let little problems become bigger, more expensive ones.

8. On demand information

You have full access to all the information about your investment property via your owner portal. All inspections, rental reviews, tenant information, lease agreements and financials are easily accessible 24/7.

9. Performance tracking

Yes we look after your property, as we should do – it’s our job. We also ensure your yield and asset growth is on track. We identify opportunities that help you build wealth

10. Portfolio consolidation

We provide a centralised  solution so you have one point of contact and one login to view and monitor all of your properties.

We know maximising your returns, means paying less. So, switch today for 10 weeks free.


As co-founder of Sydney-based property management agency Property Alchemy, I bring 16 years of senior real estate management to this specialist business. While my fundamental role is to proactively manage operations, I actively seek to create new and foster existing client relationships with our investors and their tenants. I take a proactive approach to managing property 
investment to ensure client security, satisfaction and long-term wealth creation.

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/Belinda Urquhart